Child dental specialist offers services at Dr Murthy’s clinic


Speaking to Seychelles Nation, Dr Gopinath said the main dental problem children locally areDr Gopinath facing is decay.

He added that preventive treatment for tooth decay is important. These include proper diet and brushing techniques.

Dr Gopinath said there needs to have proper methods of taking care of children’s teeth to prevent tooth decay as this can result in other dental complications.
Malalignment of the teeth is another major dental problem in children. This is treated using orthodontic treatment.

Dr Gopinath said braces are used to re-align the teeth.

He added that children’s bad habits such as thumb sucking should be corrected as these contribute to the malalignment of teeth.
Dr Murthy said depending on the demand during the two days, his clinic will plan for future visits from the pedodontist.

He added there was a need for a child dental specialist to come to offer such services in Seychelles.

Dr Gopinath, who has been in the country since last week, has given a talk to dentists and dental therapists at the Ministry of Health.

The child dental specialist has been working in this field for the last 20 years.

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