Safety net at Anse Lazio repaired


The Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration (SMSA) had earlier warned that the nets had been damaged on account of rough seas and that they had to be fixed.

The SMSA has thanked the maintenance crew and the stationed lifeguard officers at Anse Lazio for their efforts in both repairing the nets without delay and for maintaining a level of readiness and vigilance during that time.

The SMSA is however advising bathers to know and understand the area they are swimming in, not to swim in rough seas, to take heed of installed safety signage where available and to abide by the instructions of those signs. 
Where there are posted lifeguards on the beach, bathers should be aware of their presence and seek their advice as to the general weather conditions, ocean currents, or any other updates as may be of interest. 

As a last safety tip, the SMSA is reminding the public that alcohol and swimming do not mix and can be a recipe for disaster.  Bathers under the influence of alcohol should never attempt to go swimming. 

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