Expert shares knowledge and experience of autism


Dr Risoli addressing guests and delegates at the launch of the workshop yesterday

It was Dr Erna Athanasius, Ambassador for Women and Children, who had the honour to launch the ‘Families and Autism’ workshop at the English River health centre.

Present at the launch were First Lady Natalie Michel, who is also the Patron for Autism in Seychelles; Chargée d’Affaires of the Embassy of the Order of Malta in Seychelles Alexandra Azaïs; chief executive of the Seychelles Children’s Foundation (SCF) Noella Gonthier; the chairperson of Pearl Seychelles Lyn Lavigne and other members; committee members of the SCF; members of the Autism Advocacy Project committee and parents and families of children with autism. 

The workshop, which will run for three days, is being led by Dr Valeria Risoli, who has many years’ experience working with children with autism and their families. She is currently based in Dubai and she has her own private clinic.

Each day of the workshop will target a specific group -- from parents/families, school special needs coordinators/counsellors, social workers and health professionals.
The workshop forms part of the SCF’s support to professionals working with children and families affected by autism spectrum disorder. The autism advocacy project focuses on awareness, advocacy and support.

In her speech Dr Athanasius said that early intervention can make an extraordinary difference in the life of children with autism – the way a child functions now, may be different from how he or she will function later on in life.
“I wish to assure you Madam Michel, of my intense personal and professional support, and that of my office, in the ongoing challenge of raising the public consciousness about autism. We have come too far to slow down or even stop and I urge all concerned to join us in this endeavour.”

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