World acclaimed chef invites locals to discover his fine cuisine


Chef Lionel RigoletThis Belgian chef, who is based at the iconic restaurant ‘Comme Chez Soi’ in Brussels, will propose “well balanced dishes where flavours meet daring contrasts, everything packaged in an exotic touch”.

Chef Rigolet will cook for two days only, namely tomorrow and Saturday.
The arrival of the chef which has been made possible by ISPC is causing quite a stir in town and Ephelia is looking forward to sharing Rigolet’s cuisine to locals and expats living in the island.
The chef, who knows Seychelles well for having visited more than once, affirms that he is very excited to make Seychellois discover his cuisine.

“As much as I enjoy the local cuisine, I wish to share my interpretation of high end cuisine to Ephelia’s guests,” says Rigolet.

The chef, who has been trained in prestigious restaurants such as Robuchon, Lenotre and Romeyer, confides that his preferred dish is the potato mousseline with crab, shrimps and Royal Belgian caviar, white oysters butter with chive.

He also makes no compromise on high quality products with an aim of making tasty cuisine while staying true to the authenticity of the product. In fact, Rigolet is very rigorous in his choice of quality ingredients and has a passion for crustaceans.

Alfred Fourcroy, managing director of ISPC, who brought Chef Rigolet in town, lauds the latter’s fine cuisine.

“We always strive to bring quality chefs to Seychelles as they in turn train local chefs and update them on international trends. This can only be a win-win and more so, will prove to be a ravishing experience for epicures around,” says Mr Fourcroy.

The culinary team of Constance Ephelia is also thrilled to welcome such a renowned chef.
“Judging by the feedback we are having, we are keenly waiting for this fiesta of fine dining. We really hope to welcome Seychellois to taste his exquisite cuisine.”

Reservations will be done on a first come first serve basis and those interested should call 4395000.

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