Lottery winner keeps promise, hands prize to orphanage


The hand-over of the cheque

It was primary student Tasia Agnes who accepted the donation on the part of all the children and nuns of the orphanage from Anne Louange who was making the benevolent act.

Ms Louange said she bought a St John Baptist church of Glacis’ raffle ticket and placed it on the orphanage’s name.
Call it luck or faith, the lottery ticket won the first prize of R25,000.

Ms Louange was joyful and was more than willing to present the cheque to the orphanage. 

Shelly Anamole, another child from the orphanage, thanked Ms Louange for the donation and added that they will always remember her in their prayers for her goodwill.
One of the orphanage’s nuns also pointed out that they were touched by the kind gesture of Ms Louange.

Also present was church representative of Glacis, Bernadette Marie-Boniface to witness the cheque donation. 
The St Elizabeth convent and orphanage was built in 1942 and presently caters for 20 children, the youngest being one year old.

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