Local media persons savour top Belgian chef’s cuisine


Chef Rigolet in his elementTasting this roulade along with other fine dishes and a Costa Rica chocolate cake with citrus sorbet and pistachio coulis, gave the local media persons a memorable fine dining experience last Saturday at the Ephelia resort.

Through this experience, we discovered the haute cuisine of the internationally-acclaimed, 2 Michelin stars-rated chef, Lionel Rigolet.
Not only did we taste the Comme chez soi cuisine, but we also had the chance to see the chef when preparing the dishes.

The way he presented the food on the plates looked as good as it tasted.

Chef Rigolet, accompanied by his family, cooked for two days only, namely last Friday and Saturday.
The Belgian chef is based at the head of Comme chez soi restaurant in Brussels, which has a history dating back to 1926.

Apart from sharing his experiences and new techniques with the Ephelia chefs, he also cooked for clients at the resort.
Chef Rigolet, who prefers to cook seafood dishes, said he likes to promote the Belgian cuisine wherever he goes.

The arrival of this renowned chef in the country has been made possible by the ISPC.

Chef Rigolet (left) imparting his skills and techniques to the other chefs at the Ephelia Resort

Alfred Fourcroy, managing director of ISPC, who was also there, said the company will always strive to bring international chefs in the country to share new techniques and knowledge.

The chef, who has been trained in prestigious restaurants such as Robuchon, Lenotre and Romeyer, confides that his preferred dish is the potato mousseline with crab, shrimps and Royal Belgian caviar, white oysters butter with chive.

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