EUCAP NESTOR supports Seychelles Coast Guard


 Lt Col. accepting the donation from Mr Piroddi

The engine parts – which comprise alternator, turbochargers and gaskets kits – were handed over by the acting leader of the EUCAP NESTOR Seychelles Country Team, Giolio Piroddi, to Lieutenant Colonel Georges Adeline in a small ceremony yesterday at the SCG base at Ile Perseverance.
The donation is valued at US $10,000.

The EUCAP NESTOR is a civilian EU mission mandated to assist countries of the Horn of Africa and Western Indian Ocean develop their capacities and capabilities to ensure maritime security, in particular counter-piracy and maritime governance. 
The mission is supported by European Union Naval Force Somalia Operation Atlanta.
In a small speech Lt Col. Adeline thanked the EUCAP NESTOR for the thoughtful donation.

“The SCG has played a vital role towards the maritime security in our region and we remain committed to the long-term maritime security to ensure peace, security and stability of the Indian Ocean. We appreciate the efforts of all our partners in assisting in and consolidating the maritime security and capacity building of the countries in our region,” Lt Col. Adeline said.

Mr Piroddi said that this donation represents the first items delivered by the EUCAP NESTOR to the Seychelles.

“We think it is important to underline this delivery as a significant milestone in the collaboration between EUCAP NESTOR and the SCG,” he said.

“Other projects similar to the donation are on the way and I think we will have other occasions to celebrate concrete achievements,” he added.

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