Up Close with Joseph Volcy … athletics coach and ardent spiritual believer-‘No matter how you feel about yourself, you can still find your true self’


Joseph VolcyIn his quest to connect with his inner self, Joseph Volcy found peace, happiness and wellbeing though in mysterious ways.

After listening to him, I decided to base my story on the spiritual aspect of this athletics coach’s life as I find it more interesting and inspirational.

About Joseph
Joseph is well-known among our local athletes. He is the full-time athletics coach working for the National Sports Council and is also a coaching instructor.

“I have spent a little more than 25 years in athletics and one thing I have realised is that nowadays athletes are less motivated compared to a few years back,” he said.
“I have spent 21 years as a physical education teacher and athletics is the field that I love the most.”

Aside from athletics, the Baie Lazare resident used to practise football and volleyball in the 1980s and has been a player in his district’s teams for both sports.

Sports and spirituality are now part of his daily life but Joseph also manages to find time to do a little bit of gardening.

“Apart from my job, my meditation and the spiritual aspect of my life, I enjoy planting vegetables and reading books about mind, body and soul. I also did a bit of yoga before,” he said.

“Meditation is important on a daily basis as it helps us to connect with our soul and it makes us feel good.”

His ‘etheric’ experience
It had been a while since Joseph was being touched by what he calls ‘a force’ and day after day it became stronger.          
I sat in his office on a Friday afternoon, allowing curiosity to steer me into the unknown. It sounded so interesting that I wanted to know what, when, how and why.

“It was around 1pm on August 25, 2009. I was sitting outside my office reading a book by the famous author Stuart Wild. After completing a paragraph, I paused for a short time to meditate,” he recalled.

“Suddenly, I saw something strange moving around my body. I concentrated on it for a while and thought I was having problems with my eyes.”
But that ‘strange thing’ became more visible and not knowing what to do, Joseph stood up, wanting to run back to his office.
“At that moment something inside me said stop, do not run,” he told me.

“I sat down and watched. It was so amazing and exactly like Stuart Wild had described it in his book - ‘Etheric’ Web’.
 “Yes, indeed it was like a web which surrounded my body. I felt happy to have seen the human ‘etheric’ for the first time,” he said.

“After some further concentration, I saw lights flashing out from me. I then saw small lights coming towards me in all directions. Again, a great feeling of peace filled my body. The feeling was so intense. I felt energised and enlightened and thanked the Creator for that.”

“Since that day I am able to see my ‘etheric’ every time I want to,” he added with a smile.
To Joseph the etheric is fascinating and beautiful to watch and flashes of lights have become second nature to him.
Joseph shared another one of his amazing experiences with me.

“It was on September 10, 2010 between 6.30pm to 6.45pm. I was meditating on my bed with my eyes half closed. Suddenly, I opened my eyes and saw water coming down from the ceiling,” he recalled.
“It came down in a circle and landed on my bed, but within minutes it dried up.  I was shocked. At first I thought someone was throwing water on my bed.”

“But then a moment of peace filled my entire body, leaving me feeling energised and full of joy.” 

When Joseph first learned about the human etheric, it took him two full years before he was able to see his own.   
“I never imagined that I will have to do such work in this lifetime as I have always been involved in sports. But deep inside I know the reason why I have to do it, and I want to thank God for that,” he said.

“Knowledge is a gift from God, we cannot keep it to ourselves. Therefore, I feel so honored to share with you what I have been given for free.”

“What I have learned and experienced in my life is just amazing. Every single day I feel so blessed and full of spiritual energy. With God all thing is possible,” he added.

“I wouldn’t be alive today if I didn’t accept God in my life. I have believed and I will always believe in Him and His promises. I have knocked at His door many times and it has opened. I have called many times and He has answered.”

Indeed, leaving that office at Stad Popiler that day, I returned to the office with a greater wealth of knowledge and all my questions answered.

Joseph in his office

And one great motivational and inspiring quote I learned from Joseph is that ‘No matter how you may feel about yourself, you can still find your true self and connect to the source’.

By Mandy Bertin

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