Stakeholders discuss quality education


Delegates listening to a presentation during yesterday’s session

The July 23-25 workshop is a follow-up to the National Dialogue on Equity of Education quality and Learning held last May.

The main objective of the workshop is to adapt and use the GEQAF to analyse major constraints in the education system of Seychelles and to identify priority areas with the view to design policies and interventions to address identified constraints.

The GEQAF is composed of fifteen analytical tools covering all aspects of an education system supported by key questions guiding the analysis and diagnosis of the quality of a specific sub-system or component of the education system.

During the three-day workshop, delegates will share and discuss all aspects of the education system from different perspectives in relation to the Seychelles context.

The Ministry of Education said that this workshop has come at a highly opportune time when the ministry  is finalising a key document - the Medium-Term Strategy 2013-17.

The major outcome of the workshop will be the Seychelles Country Report outlying constraints, challenges and key priorities to guide educators to identify appropriate interventions, to further improve education quality in Seychelles.

The workshop is benefitting from the expertise of two Unesco programme specialists, Dr Tekaligne and Florence Migeon both from the division of the promotion of Basic Education at Unesco headquarters in Paris.

Also present at the workshop is Dr Badar Al Kharusi from Oman to share his GEQAF Omani experience.

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