‘Seychelles making good progress towards WTO accession’


Mrs Al-Hinai during her meeting with VP Faure

After meeting with VP Faure, Mrs Al- Hinai met ministers of Finance Pierre Laporte and of Natural Resources and Industry Peter Sinon, Attorney General Ronny Govinden and chief negotiator for Seychelles accession to the WTO Charles Morin.

Speaking to the media after the meeting with VP Faure, Mrs Al-Hinai described the discussions they had as “good and productive”.

She said that the discussion was a follow-up of her last visit in February and of the working party that took place in Geneva in June.
They discussed the result of both meetings and the progress of the accession.

“Seychelles is making substantial and good progress towards accession to the world trade body,” she said.

But she added they also discussed what needs to be done to accelerate the negotiation of the accession of Seychelles.

“Seychelles’ level of commitment is very high and very good towards the accession and it is a good signal to members showing that Seychelles is taking this process seriously,” Mrs Al-Hinai said.

“VP Faure has been a good force for pushing the negotiation forward. And the involvement of the ministers and government has been very good,” Mrs Al-Hinai also added.

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