Minister hails Kenya Airways’ added flight to Seychelles


“We really appreciate the flights and the visibility that Kenya Airways brings for both inbound and outbound flights, and adding a new flight to cope with demand, even if it is temporary, provides positive benefits for us, not only for our aviation sector but our tourism sector as well,” said Minister Morgan.

It should be noted that the minister recently convened a stakeholders meeting, which was as well attended by the Minister for Finance, Trade and Investment and the Minister for Tourism and Culture, to discuss the challenges faced by the aviation and tourism sector following the announcement that Qatar Airways would be suspending its service to Seychelles as from September 1, 2013.

A follow-up meeting with stakeholders from the tourism trade and key businesses is now being planned so as to maximise and better identify key synergies.

“The meeting was a great start and afforded all the opportunity to discuss openly the market conditions and Seychelles as a destination. It is clear that more needs to be done to fill up the seats of those airlines flying into Seychelles and we simply have to improve upon the product on offer and make it attractive with more value-added services,” said Minister Morgan.

The minister noted the exemplary service of Lemuria Resort on Praslin, which was recently recognised by CNN Travel as being one of the top ten resorts in Africa for golfing. 
According to the CNN report, Africa has over 800 world great golf courses, with over 450 being in South Africa alone.

“This is a great example of a quality product being delivered and combined with the ease of aviation access into Seychelles, makes the offer to would-be visitors more appealing so that they come to Seychelles and enjoy their stay.

“While we are welcoming the Kenya Airways additional flight to our skies, I am pleased to note that our team at the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) is not wasting any opportunity to continue dialogues with other airlines and encouraging them to come to Seychelles. The chief executive of the SCAA, Gilbert Faure, recently attended the Routes Africa 2013 where he had the opportunity to meet several airline heads, including Turkish Airlines, who we can confirm are committed to flying to Seychelles, following discussions with them,” said Minister Morgan.

Minister Morgan concluded by extending his thanks to the local staff of Kenya Airways for their continued dedication in serving the airline and Seychelles, and as well to Zakiya Vidot who has ably led the team successfully for many years. 

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