SACOS Motor Insurance-Knowing you are well protected makes all the difference


Most people do not realise that they are not covered properly until something happens and once someone realises they were not covered properly - it is too late.

As a general rule, when you take out a car insurance policy, you will be offered a choice of two main levels of cover:
SACOS Comprehensive car insurance
This gives the widest cover including:
• Repair or replacement of your car if it is damaged or stolen
• Injury to other people including passengers in the car
• Damage to other people's cars and property
• Windscreen repair or replacement
• Your car stereo and loss or damage to personal effects
SACOS Third Party cover (TP)
Third party: the minimum type of motor insurance you can take out is “third party”. This covers liability for:
• Injuries to other people, including passengers
• Damage to other people’s property
• Accidents caused by passengers in the car

Although SACOS provides the basic cover, the company offers additional variants on the policies, such as courtesy cars in the event of theft or accident, or protected no-claims bonuses. These and other options such as windscreen cover and loss of use may be added at additional costs.

SACOS offers special rates
If you are a lady driver, a SACOS shareholder or a tenant of SACOS, we have special motor insurance rates just for you.  SACOS also offers competitive introductory rates for new motor vehicles.
Knowing you are well protected with SACOS makes all the difference!
Contact the SACOS Insurance Company Ltd on telephone 4295,000 or pay a visit at the SACOS Tower, Palm Street, Victoria.  We will be happy to assist and guide you.

Contributed by SACOS Insurance Company Ltd

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