Letter to the Editor-Food for thought?


I understand that the building close to the State House gate formerly occupied by the Court of Appeal will house the History Museum and the former Supreme Court the offices of the Mayor of Victoria.

I write to offer a humble suggestion. I do so as a person with a keen interest in our history and a regular user of the two buildings until they were recently decommissioned as courts. Victoria is a pretty capital, fondly enjoyed by Seychellois and visitors alike.

Seychelles is an attractive destination for visitors and Victoria a must-see attraction in its own right. Tourists love museums, galleries and the like. With no disrespect meant to the office of the capital’s mayor, I have a feeling that a central location for a museum is more important to the capital than a Mairie. After all, both National Assembly and Law Courts no longer occupy central locations.

Can I offer a suggestion? I should like to suggest that the proposed use of the two buildings be swapped. Let the Mayor’s office be housed in the smaller building at State House Avenue and the History Museum in the ex-Supreme Court. The History Museum is currently undergoing a revamp which has seen the French period set out in detail and the British and Seychellois periods being prepared in a similar format. To fully appreciate these interesting exhibits space is required. I fear that the small ex-Court of Appeal building will cramp the museum and its exhibits. That would be a pity.

A history museum in the old Law Courts would be an attractive proposition. The building will better contain the exhibits and the gardens around could accommodate seating for visitors to relax and Victoria workers perhaps to enjoy their lunch in a pleasant setting. Just looking at the two buildings, the old Supreme Court building cries out ‘Museum!’ and the old Court of Appeal, ‘Mairie!’
I hope that this small suggestion does not come too late and does not offend too many people.

Bernard Georges

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