Cuban community commemorates revolution


Saturday’s ceremony to commemorate the Moncada anniversary

For the occasion, Cuban nationals gathered for a reception at the former Maritime Training Centre at Mont Fleuri, in the presence of members of the Seychelles-Cuba Friendship Association (Secufa), members of the National Assembly media committee and other friends.

Addressing the gathering, MNA Dereck Samson said that July 26 was an important date for the Cuban people as it marks the day they took the decisive step to liberate their country from neo-colonialism and poverty.

He said the event was also an opportunity to celebrate the friendship between Seychelles and Cuba and looked forward to seeing the good cooperation strengthened in the future.

Dr Liban Borroto, a Cuban national currently working in Seychelles, said that July 26, 1953 is a historical date in the Cuban history and in the long and heroic fight for the freedom of their homeland because it was from the events of that date that the Cubans learned the values of patriotism, freedom, dignity, faith in the people as well as the rejection of despotism.

As an example to measure the success of his country’s revolution, he mentioned the large number of Cuban professionals – teachers, sports people, health workers – working around the world and the important contribution they make to mankind.

“Today we have more than 53,000 health collaborators of whom more than 15,000 are medical doctors in 70 different countries. They have carried out 2 million childbirths and 7 million surgeries which have saved a great number of lives. This is one of the greatest achievements of our revolution which we will continue to pursue with conviction, loyalty, altruism, solidarity and patriotism in order to maintain freedom and justice,” said Dr Borroto.

The Cuban community in Seychelles currently comprises around 50 members, mainly volunteer professionals.

On July 26, 1953 a group of young men and two women led by Fidel Castro attacked the Moncada Barracks in Santiago de Cuba, the second most important city in the country, while at the same time, another group attacked the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Barracks in the city of Bayamo.

Although the events of July 26, 1953 were the expression of a military defeat, it has been emphasised that it paved the way for the insurrection against Batista, “the small engine that ignited the big engine of the Revolution”.

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