Letter to the Editor-Supreme Court building exudes History Museum


The Law Courts Building, as the Supreme Court building is officially known under our law, has seen a glorious past and from all accounts it was the architectural showpiece of Victoria for over 100 years, modified over the years while being occupied by the judiciary. As the home to the History Museum it will be guarded by Pierre Poivre and Queen Victoria with the Clock Tower, Liberty House (formerly, Queen’s Building) and the Carnegie Building as its neighbours; placing it at the very centre of historical Victoria with whose history it is inextricably linked.

I hope Mr Georges’ suggestion is taken up and the building is also restored to its original state. For instance in order to accommodate the expansion of the judiciary over the years, the balconies facing Francis Rachel Street (formerly Victoria Street) and the Pirates Arms Restaurant were both separated in two, while its exterior in terms of the colour scheme had undergone some changes.

I am sure restoring the balconies to their true lengths and the exterior of the building to its original colour scheme will give this building its former splendour.
Yes, Mr Georges, you are right, the building does exude History Museum!

Frank Ally

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