Internet provider proposes to make Seychelles a free Wi-Fi nation


With the aim of making a bigger impact on the Seychelles Brand of tourism and helping to drive the tourism industry further, internet service provider Kokonet will soon launch a new initiative called ‘A free Wi-Fi Nation’.

This new initiative will be launched during the Seychelles Tourism Board’s marketing meeting at the end of the year, scheduled to be held on December 15 at the Kempinski Seychelles Resort.

Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St Ange was presented with this initiative by Bernard Moutia, the managing director of Kokonet, earlier this week during a meeting held at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture offices at the ESPACE building.

Present at the meeting was the principal secretary for tourism Anne Lafortune who, along with Minister St Ange, hailed this new initiative from the Kokonet team.

Mr Moutia said Kokonet wants to operate a nation-wide free Wi-Fi hotspot network and intends to partner with local tourism establishments, big and small, to help them in their growth.

He added that the targeted locations are at the airport, jetties, bus terminal, cafés, bars and restaurants, guesthouses, hotels, shopping malls and other public places.

Kokonet believes that as destinations invest in Wi-Fi to become more tourist-friendly, they are changing the standard to which travellers are accustomed. Numerous research shows that travellers value access to the internet above almost all else.

Countries looking to attract tourists are investing in public Wi-Fi with the hope that it translates into happier tourists, and a better image for their destination, he added.

“This will be a plus for our islands. We know that we always need to keep Seychelles ahead of the pack, and such an initiative by the private sector to help make our islands a free Wi-Fi nation needs to be commended. The serious private sector trade is in tune with the successes of the country's tourism industry and this is why they are today more than ever before wanting to invest in that industry to ensure that it continues to flourish,” said Minister St Ange as he suggested that other service providers should also join this initiative.




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