Update on aflatoxin in flavoured milk products


More samples found to be contaminated


The Ministry of Health has said that further samples of flavoured milk that arrived in port recently have been tested for aflatoxin M1.

These are two samples of Cavins strawberry milkshake (Batch A285L4), two samples of Cavins chocolate milkshake (Batch A294L4), two samples of Cavins Butterscotch milkshake (Batch A296L4), two samples of Cavins Vanilla milkshake (Batch A307L4).

They were all found to have levels of aflatoxin M1 above the maximum allowable level. Some samples are up to six times the upper acceptable limit.

Another consignment of flavoured milk from Mahé distributors, Candia Perettevanilla, strawberry and chocolate were also tested. Only the chocolate flavoured ones with production date 27/04/17 and expiry date of 24/10/17 were found to have aflatoxin M1 above the maximum allowable level. The strawberry and vanilla flavour were free of aflatoxin M1.

The public is also reminded that the following flavours with batch numbers should by now be off the market and should not be consumed. These were as per the last press release.

  • Toppup milk-laichiflavor (2) –Batch B161221E/02 and B612221E/02
  • Toppup milk-Mango flavor - Batch B16122M/02 and B161214M/02
  • Toppup milk-Pistaflavor - Batch  B161216P/02
  • Toppup milk-Rose flavor - Batch B161219R/01
  • Lacnor chocolate milk – Batch  L9103650
  • Cavins vanilla milkshake (2) – Batch BA104L4 and A077L4
  • Cavins strawberry milkshake - Batch A085L4
  • Lactel max chocolate milk – H051J
  • Perette chocolate milk (2) Batch EMSLCH07

The products that were found to have aflatoxin M1 above the maximum allowable level will have been removed from the market and will not go on sale. They will be disposed of by the company under supervision.

“To our knowledge none of the products found to have aflatoxin M1 above allowable limits remain on the market,” says the ministry in a press release.

All importers of milk and milk products will be informed formally of the requirement to provide sanitary certificate of all milk products.

The Public Health Authority is continuing its investigation to identify contamination sources.

Members of the public should alert the public health authority on phone number 4388195  if any of the above products with indicated batch numbers/ production and expiry date are still on the market.





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