Looking forward to new era in public information


The Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) has said it is looking forward to a new era of more independent and objective public information with the appointment of a new board and new chief executives at the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC).

“We welcome Gerard Lafortune in his post as chairman of the SBC board, the other members of the board, and Berard Dupres and Jude Louange as chief executive and deputy chief executive respectively,” says an LDS communiqué.

“We are encouraged that this vital institution, which has been at the centre of so much controversy and political contention, can get a new start in supporting our democratisation process by contributing to a better informed public, more meaningful civic engagement and better government,” the communiqué adds.

“The new officers of the SBC have expressed their understanding of the changing political situation and public expectations in regard to our state-funded media. They have expressed their desire to remain open to consultation and to deliver independent public information in line with the provision of our Constitution. We support them in this objective,” the communiqué says.

LDS thanks all the staff of the SBC for their commitment and hard work, “hoping that they as well as the Seychellois public will give their utmost to realise the promise of this new era”.







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