Opening of James Michel Library at Espace building


Rare reference books, other documents available


Thousands of people are expected to pour into The James Michel Library at the Espace building following its official opening yesterday morning.

The new library was officially opened with a ribbon cutting where former President James Michel mingled with former ministers, representatives of sponsors, other invitees and school children on the first floor of the Espace building.

Hailey Wirtz of Independent School and Don Labiche of Persévérance school had the privilege of cutting the ribbon before guiding all present inside the library for a guided tour by experienced librarian Mildred Morel and her assistant Shama Shetty.

The James Michel Library houses a collection of rare reference books and other documents about the history, geography and political landscape of Seychelles, dating as far back as the 18th century.

Members of the public have the option of borrowing two books at one time for a two-week period from a wide collection of fiction and non-fiction alike. It also has a corner for younger readers and is equipped with tablets for online reading.

The opening hours are from 11am to 5pm from Monday to Friday and from 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.

The James Michel Library is an educational project initiated by the former president. He also donated a large number of books and documents to the library. His daughter Laeticia Michel has also donated her nursery rhyme books to the children’s corner, while Emmanuel D’Offay has given a batch of 50 novels from his collection.

Members of the public are welcome to make book donations to the library.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Lise Bastienne, executive director in the office of the former president, said the “library is another tangible project by Mr Michel who wants to make more positive contributions to our country after his long political career”.

“His contribution to the development of education here has not ended with his political career. Instead, he continues to make other contributions and to quote Mr Michel himself ‘Education is the real freedom of the mind which feeds on reading’,” said Mrs Bastienne.

Since the opening of the library coincides with the August school holidays, its gives students another option to learn through research and reading at their leisure.




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Surya Khanna

An excellent contribution to preserve heritage of Seychelles. The idea to support projects connected to research on the heritage and history of Seychelles to enrich information about Seychelles needs serious consideration. To start with project proposals be invited from Seychellois to identify the memorable projects.

about 7 hours ago