Update on search for missing men


Police focusing on ‘gathering and analysing data’, field search stopped


The police have said that although field searches have stopped for the time being, they are still investigating, by using data analysis, and gathering concrete information in relation to Marvin Asba and Peter Zoe, the two men who have gone missing for more than two months now.

“Currently we are not undertaking any field searches; we have surveyed mostly all areas where we thought those missing persons could have been. But we are still investigating, by using data analysis, gathering information to finally being able to pursue a concrete lead, and find more answers with regard to the missing men. I am not saying we have abandoned the search, but we are working on gathering as much evidence as we can,” François Freminot, head of detective services of the CID department in the Seychelles Police Force, told Seychelles NATION yesterday.

He added that they have even investigated the rumours that have been spreading around.

“Throughout our investigation we have also listened to many rumours surrounding the cases. The police also investigated those rumours to find out if they were true, but unfortunately they were just rumours,” he said.

But can the police declare someone dead after that person has gone missing for at least one year?

“If a person is missing for one year and one day, the family can declare that person dead, but the police cannot do that. But we are urging for a good relationship between the police and the citizens, we need them to do our job better, each piece of information will eventually bring us closer to the truth,” he said.

When a loved one goes missing, friends and family face an anxious wait for their return or to find out what has happened to them. Some missing people are never found - but they are never forgotten.

Seventy-six days have passed since 27-year-old Marvin Asba disappeared without a trace.  He was last seen on June 29. He was reported missing to the police on July 3, and all attempts to find him have been in vain.         

A few weeks later, another case was reported to the police, another person from La Louise Peter Gonzague Zoe, had also gone missing.

A lot of resources have been spent on trying to find the two missing men but all attempts have been in vain.

South African experts in forensics, search and rescue brought in to help in those cases have also contributed to the search, as well as many friends and relatives.

Since nothing has been found yet, there are growing concerns from the citizens over the reported cases, and the capacity of the police force to effectively investigate the matter.






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