Letter to the Editor - What is today was as well, yesterday


I found interesting your interview published in the September 9, 2017 issue of Seychelles NATION of Mr Roger Mancienne, current chairman of the governing council for the political grouping LDS.  It confirms in part what the electorate already knows.  This political  grouping consisting of the Seychelles National Party, the Lalyans Seselwa, the Seychelles Party for Social Justice and Democracy, and finally the Seychelles United Party, are aiming to eventually not only retain control of the Seychelles National Assembly in the next parliamentary election, but as well to take the presidency.

Some argue that this period of time, now called ‘Cohabitation’, is the most interesting political period ever in the history of Seychelles.  Perhaps it is.  There is no denying however that headlines created today, and in the ever changing dynamic of where media is at this time, and the challenges brought forward as a result of last year’s parliamentary poll, certainly make it a possibility.

What is clear in my mind is that a tactic used by this political grouping today and as the majority in the 6th assembly, buoyed by them achieving 226 more votes, continues unabated, as in the early days of the UO and later the SNP.   Politics being what it is, we can but expect more of the same, but with some twists and turns here and there.

As we hear the arguments being made today for change, and understanding that a democratic society is continually one of progress, interestingly enough, the very changes that are happening today, are because of the strengths of a system which has been in place since the birth of the Third Republic.

As the four separate and distinct parties under the grouping called the LDS continue their work for and on behalf of those who elected them, and as the representatives of the Parti Lepep do the same in the Seychelles National Assembly, we must remain cognizant of the fact that Seychelles remains today as it was yesterday, that is a growing democracy, continuously improving.

‘Improvements’ we must be reminded can be measured and if it is seen that it was slow going on certain fronts as a result of political brinksmanship here and there, then it is clear that an informed electorate will be taking note.

In closing it is pleasing to note that the President of the Republic, Mr Danny Faure, held a 3rd ‘Leaders Forum’ on Monday September 11, 2017, with the leader of the opposition, leader of government business, the Designated minister, and the acting Attorney General, so as to discuss matters of national importance and the government’s calendar of priority legislation for the 3rd term.  

We can well appreciate and understand why is it that Seychelles continues to be well regarded and esteemed by foreign nations.

Thank you.


Raymond K. St Ange



The views expressed in this letter are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Seychelles NATION newspaper.




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