Stevedores resume work


The stevedores working for Hunt, Deltel & Co who had been protesting for better working conditions and benefits have resumed work yesterday morning.

Following a strike held by the stevedores since Saturday morning, the Hunt Deltel management met a group of spokesmen for the stevedores and their union representatives in the presence of representatives of labour division on Tuesday.

According to a press release from Hunt Deltel the negotiations are ongoing and the results of the deliberations will be communicated in due course.

Everyone who was required to come in to work for the shift showed up yesterday and another meeting is expected to be held tomorrow for agreements to be made.

During the course of the negotiations the company has agreed to pay the stevedores R3.50 instead of R2.65 per tonnage.

The stevedores have expressed their gratitude to Hunt Deltel for the new agreement as it shows it is a step in the right direction.





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