Aftermath of alleged assault on teacher - Security measures to be beefed up at Mont Fleuri secondary school


As early as next week security measures at the Mont Fleuri secondary school will be beefed up to include more patrols.

The decision was taken following an urgent meeting the school’s management had yesterday morning at the school with the police and officials from the education ministry in the aftermath of the incident on Wednesday whereby a teacher at the school, Kevin Monthy, was allegedly assaulted by relatives of a student.

However, earlier before this urgent meeting the school was insisting on more security on the premises.

“The minister has promised a lot but we need to see those promises become a reality for our security,” the Mont Fleuri secondary school’s head teacher Rose-Mary Violette had told Seychelles NATION when contacted to follow up on the Wednesday incident.

“Since we had a meeting with the minister, we wanted additional security on our premises. So before we go back to teaching, we would like that our school is protected. So the teachers are not having any classes until we have more security, but the students are being supervised,” she had said.

Speaking after the urgent meeting, Bernice Constance, a representative of the teachers, said the decision has brought some relief to the teachers.

“We feel some relief after receiving feedback on the security measures that will be taken with police and other security presence in the vicinity of the school grounds and the school itself. This will help us deal with instances of misbehaviour and other difficulties with the students,” she said.

The school’s head teacher together with the principal secretary for education Dr Odile de Commarmond later held another meeting with the teachers to share with them the security measures discussed and further listen to their concerns with regard to the different security lapses that exist at the school.

It is to be noted that the walls surrounding the school can easily be climbed, the fencing has been torn apart and cut through providing easy access in the school grounds by anyone at any time.

According to Mrs Violet security will be increased and officers will be in uniform as well as civilian clothes and the important thing is they will be around and will provide the necessary relief to the teachers as well as parents and students.

Meanwhile following a meeting education Minister Joel Morgan had later yesterday with officials from the Ministry of Finance, he has given the school assurances that security cameras will be installed at the school, a security wall will be built at the back of the school to prevent illegal access in the school grounds.

Minister Morgan said security issues at the school have been discussed and it is clear that there are a lot of loopholes and the security firms are not providing a service at the standard required and the ministry of education also lacks the necessary personnel to be on site everyday to monitor the security officers’ performances but rely on the school’s management which is not sufficient as they too are overwhelmed by all they have to deal with in their schools.

The ministry will be recruiting a security manager who will be responsible to monitor security at the school.

Security officers will also be equipped with a radio system to be in touch with at all times with school management.

Meanwhile Minister Morgan has launched an appeal to parents to be more responsible of their children’s behaviour and said they will be held accountable for their children’s actions and bad behaviour under the law.

Other than these measures Minister Morgan has said a process is being undertaken for eight secondary students from different schools to be expelled. Five are from Beau Vallon, one is from Anse Royale and the two from Mont Fleuri who were involved in this week’s assault. The others were involved in other incidents.    

Regarding the victim of the assault, Mr Monthy, he is at home recuperating from his injuries and Seychelles NATION managed to get in touch with him to learn more about his condition since the incident occurred.

“Since I got injured, I am having difficulty to eat because of the injury in my head. I had eight stitches in the middle of my forehead. Today I am going back to the hospital to get an update on my condition. I am on leave till November 22; physically and mentally I am crushed,” he said.

Earlier before the urgent meeting Seychelles NATION had also contacted other head teachers who were willing to voice out their concerns regarding this situation, which has touched so many people.

The head teacher of Anse Boileau secondary school, Gina Labiche, stated that since Wednesday they are back to normal schedule.

“The minister gave us a visit regarding the incident that occurred at the Mont Fleuri secondary school, he gave all of his support concerning the matter. He also stated he won’t tolerate that kind of action happening at the schools in Seychelles.  Also we suggested that we need more security at the school. As for the parents, they have to show respect on the school premises at all times,” she said.

The Pointe Larue secondary school also stood beside their colleague Sir Kevin in the form of a protest march on Wednesday afternoon.

The head teacher of the school, Jenny Kilindo, pointed out that all the teachers need to give support to their colleague, and the minister should take necessary actions and also beef up security at the schools.

“We did a silent march to protest against such brutality at the school. Although we are having normal classes, we still want justice to prevail. Like all the schools we need extra security to protect us,” she said.

Meanwhile in the midst of all these goings-on, the students sitting exams have been able to have their assessments at the school.

According to PS de Commarmond the police have also given assurances that they are working hard so that the case against the alleged assaulters could start next week without delay and that all the people involved have given their statements.










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