Excitement mounts as Miss World 2017 pageant nears




Miss Seychelles… Another World 2017 Hilary Joubert has been gearing up for the Miss World 2017 pageant which will take place on November 18 at the Sanya City Arena in Sanya, China PR.

Hilary is currently in China where the pageant is being hosted this year and she has been taking part in the Miss World 2017 Festival with the other 117 contestants.

The Miss World final includes 40 contestants and in the ‘Top 40’ it consists of 20 head to head challenge winners, five fast track event winners and 15 judges selection.

A Miss World license holders meeting will be held on Thursday in China and the deputy chief executive of the Creative Industries and National Events Agency (Cinea) Gustave Decomarmond will be the Seychelles representative.

In an interview held yesterday Mr Decomarmond said this year’s Miss World is emphasising mostly on social media where the contestants with the most followers and likes are being noticed more.

“I feel that system is one which is not in favour of small countries like Seychelles as we have a very small population and therefore Hilary’s percentage is very low compared to other Asian countries like India where they are receiving high percentages of likes,” he said.

He feels that it may be at our loss to pay £5000 sterling every year for the Miss Seychelles to participate with a very small chance of winning anything.

“I will put forward in this meeting that this system is unfair to the small countries but for now Hilary needs our support so it is important that we lift her spirits and encourage her by liking her on the official Miss World website www.missworld.com,” he said.

To like and follow Hilary and the other contestants can also go on Facebook, Mobstar, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

It should be noted that voting on the official Miss World page can be done only once.

Voting will close a few hours after the video for the head to head challenge is uploaded on the page where Hilary is in Group 14.

“If Hilary can manage to win the head to head challenge via the public vote then she secures a place in the Top 40,” Mr Decomarmond said.






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