Sacos shareholders to be paid dividends in December


All shareholders of the Sacos Insurance Group will be paid their 2016 dividends in December 2017 following the annual general meeting to be held in the same month.

In a communique, the Sacos Insurance Group said “the delay in the annual general meeting and subsequent payment of dividends compared to previous years is a result of the internal restructuring and significant changes in internal processes within Sacos Insurance Group and the modernisation of our financial reporting systems and associated processes, as we consolidate financial reporting to comply with the very high requirements s of the International Financial Reporting Standards”.

The communiqué adds that “this has regrettably caused a delay in the presentation of the audited financial statements and delayed our annual general meeting”.

Shareholders will be informed of the date of and venue for the upcoming annual general meeting within the coming weeks. Notifications will be displayed on the website (, Facebook page and in the media.




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