Five newborns for New Year 2018



Seychelles welcomed its first baby for 2018 early in the morning of January 1 at 3.06.

The healthy little girl was born to mother Christelle Roucou and father Dennis Hoareau who expressed their delight at the birth of their little bundle of joy.

“She was supposed to be born on January 12 but she came ‒ unexpectedly ‒ today,” Christelle stated.

The 2.8kg little girl is Christelle’s second child and gave her mother a much easier birthing experience than her sibling.

“It was a lot less arduous the second time around,” Christelle provided.

The parents are still undecided about their baby’s name although dad, Dennis, said they are not lacking in options.

“We have so many to choose from that we might as well put all of the names we like in a lucky dip bag in order to make up our minds,” Dennis joked.

He also thanked nurses Charlette and Dungkow at the labour and maternity unit for their professionalism and help during the delivery.

Hazel Adrienne’s baby boy also joined the list of New Year deliveries shortly after at 4.37am.

The mother of the healthy 3.025kg little boy stated that she is happy to have seen her newborn on New Year’s Day. Much like Christelle, Hazel’s delivery was also due for a later date.

“It was an unexpected surprise because my due date had been set for January 9 but it seems that he was impatient to join the world,” Hazel stated.

Three other New Year’s newborns -- two girls and one boy -- were delivered at the Seychelles Hospital following the Seychelles NATION’s earlier visit.




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