Letter to the Editor - ‘Rising above the little things’


Leaders of Seychelles; be mindful of how we talk in public, do not boast or take pride in oneself, but rather rest all praises and glory in the LORD, our GOD... [Ref: Ephesians 2:8-9 (NIV)]

One cannot go about without penning down the two ‘striking’ events which hit the Seychelles shores during the end of January 2018, one of which has shocked the Seychellois public and left many grasping for the ‘ratio decidendi’ of the occurrence.

On Friday January 26, 2018, incumbent President Danny Faure met with the chairperson and members of the Electoral Commission, during which he was presented with the recommendations of the Commission for Electoral Reform as mandated by the 6th Amendment of the Constitution. The Reforms will set the framework to govern future elections in the Republic.

The final amendment of the Office of the Electoral Commission’s reform portrayed the step-down of the Election Commission chairman on the same day, January 26, 2018.

Barely three days after, to our utmost bewilderment the people of Seychelles attested to the unexpected resignation of the Speaker of the 6th Cohort of the National Assembly and the outgoing MNA of Anse Boileau, which took Seychelles by storm. It must have been the resulting effects of ‘Cyclone Cebile’ crossing over the Seychelles waters…

The two divisive events bring a new Chapter in the ‘New Seychelles’ as we cross the bridge to our next destination in the Historical Cohabitation period. Consequently, the reforms can now be fully, comprehensively and efficiently implemented with the nomination/appointment of the new Electoral Board to be headed by the incoming new ‘Electoral Commissioner’.

As the ‘National Unity Advocate’, I have always campaigned and advocated on the need to renew and revise the Electoral Commission to prepare for ‘true and fair’ elections in Seychelles. I echoed the ‘Voice of the Electorates’ in urging the Executive Arm of the Government to continue endorsing the transition by unification of Seychelles and we waited patiently for the uplifting of the Electoral Commission (EC) and shape-it-up with a new head in anticipation of the next ‘presidential election’.

PATIENCE is a virtue as Rome was not built in a day…..The ability to wait for something without frustration is a useful skill and a good aspect of one’s personality. Above all, UNITY is one of the most powerful virtues for individual, familial and social growth; and should be instilled in our people – regardless of political affiliation(s), beliefs, opinions and denomination.

Since the greatest of man boasts the least of words…. it was right and healthy for the people of Seychelles to speculate about the latest bombshell, as the ‘truth’, the ‘ultimate truth’, still remains in the closet! The people are still seeking the real reason behind ex-Speaker’s resignation, as we move into the next Chapter of our Cohabitation period.

Are the leaders of our society rallying for a possible Presidential Election in 2018? When? People of Seychelles, be mindful of my advocacy as ‘politics is and will remain a dirty game’, per se.

Nowadays, the ordinary man perceives that there is still political instability and that, in a way, people are being divided into groups amid perception and speculation of a Presidential Election, this year.

Frankly speaking, the ex-Speaker’s resignation on Monday January 29, 2018, took us by surprise. The ex-Speaker was playing an active role in the so-called democracy of our country and on the Legislative side as well. We thank him for playing his educational part in the Legislative arm of the Government.

However, since we are a democratic country, it is important to adhere to the norms of ethical practices in strategic decision-makings that will impact the lives of our people and their buoyancies and trusts. Nonetheless, it is important to respect his (ex-Speaker’s) decision as a citizen of Seychelles.

Moreover, the people await the ‘ratio decidendi’ of the ex-Speaker as he had a responsibility and was accountable to the ‘Soul of the Nation’, as beauty lies in the Eyes of the Beholder. The people however feel that the ex-Speaker should have based his actions on good-governance, accountability, transparency, respect, compassion and love, especially towards his district’s residents of Anse Boileau, before dropping the bombshell on his contingent’s voters. This in itself is another action which now inflicts another pressure on the Government’s scarce resources (the Budget Funding) to host another by-election in the biggest voting district in the West of Mahé, which consists of 3,358, eligible voters. Again, it is public monies on the line…

If we desire and perceive the people to ‘walk the talk’, then we should also – lead by example. It is never a matter of practicing ‘do what I say and not what I do’.

As the ‘National Unity Advocate’, I continue to urge my people to realise the value of National Unity, the need for us ALL as Seychellois to work together for the betterment of our Nation and country, as we take on the long and winding road of the Cohabitation period onto our common providence. The eyes of the beholder foretell that on our own we shall not make it, but binding in Almighty Love and with the love for one another; spiritually – we can achieve the impossible.

I also want to enhance the message of UNITY besets love among the couples for Valentine’s Day. Let us love, not just with our mouth, but with our heart and spirit.

Salutation: To Mr France Pointe, my good friend, who has managed to get off the streets by Presidential decree and now under the care of her cherished sister!

Congratulations: To Mr Gérard Govinden; a passionate, time-honoured and established writer and editor, on being appointed as the chief executive [CEO] of the National Information Services Agency [NISA] as of February 1, 2018.


Author: Jacob Terence Madeleine, ACSI

Writer, National Unity Advocate

‘Distinguish Poet’



The views expressed in this letter are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Seychelles NATION newspaper.







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