Kurt Loizeau gets three years’ imprisonment for assault


Kurt Loizeau of Grand Anse Mahé has been sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for assaulting Marcel Dogley who suffered facial injuries and five fractures to his facial bones.

The incident happened in the early hours of July 29, 2017 at Grand Anse Mahé. Twenty-two-year-old Loizeau, a self-employed of Grand Anse, and two other accused – Shane Tolfree and Neil Amelie – all pleaded guilty the moment the amended charge was filed.

Reading out the judgment yesterday, Supreme Court Judge Mohan Niranjit Burhan disagreed with Mr Loizeau’s lawyer that the injuries to Mr Dogley’s face were not life-threatening and were only abrasions and lacerations.

“The evidence of Dr Ashwin Sakharia indicates that the victim Marcel Dogley suffered facial injuries and five fractures to his facial bones. This in my view is serious and is further aggravated by the fact that several blows were given by the first accused to the face of the victim by means of a baseball bat. This was borne out in the evidence of the prosecution witnesses which was accepted by the first accused in this plea. Considering the seriousness of the assault and the aggravated nature of it, I am of the view a term of imprisonment must be imposed for such a serious offence considering the aggravating circumstances which are peculiar to the facts of the case,” said Judge Burhan.

On top of being sentenced to three years’ imprisonment, Mr Loizeau has been fined R50,000 and a sum of R40,000 will be paid as compensation to Mr Dogley from the fine.

Like Mr Loizeau, the second accused Shane Tolfree, 22, also pleaded guilty to the amended charge and because he has already spent six months in remand, he was sentenced to pay a fine of R10,000 from which sum R5,000 will be paid to the victim.

The third accused, 23-year-old Neil Amelie was sentenced to pay a fine of R25,000 from which R15,000 will be paid to Mr Dogley.

In default of payment of the fine, the judge has imposed a term of six months’ imprisonment on all three men.

Mr Loizeau and Mr Tolfree were defended by attorney at law Anthony Juliette, while Oliver Chang Leng and Edith Wong were Mr Amelie’s defence attorneys.





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