NCC to launch ENcourageMENT campaign


Following the success of the ‘Courage’ campaign in 2017, this year the National Council for Children (NCC) will be launching the ENcourageMENT campaign.

The campaign is aimed at giving support, confidence, courage and hope to school children, peer educators in schools, teachers, families, workplaces and throughout the country.

The launch of the ENcourageMENT campaign will be held at the Cascade primary school tomorrow starting at 10am.

The event will also be an opportunity for NCC to present stakeholders who have actively supported the ‘Courage’ campaign with a tool kit so that they can continue to use it.

Tomorrow’s official ceremony will be attended by community representatives of the district, as well as various partners which include the Ministry of Education.

Following the launch activity, the ENcourageMENT campaign will be promoted throughout the year using various medium and through different activities such as photo competition and poems.

Using its different partners, the NCC intends to use ENcourageMENT in its parenting sessions, school workshops, counselling and psychology sessions.






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