Judy Boucher brings love to Seychelles





“Things have been really great since my arrival, I can’t believe I’m in Seychelles, everybody wants a piece of Judy Boucher and it’s just amazing to be here. Tonight will be a memorable concert.”

These words were expressed by the Queen of love lyrics, the legendary Judy Boucher who will be performing live tonight for Valentine’s Day at the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino. Tickets have already been sold out for tonight’s concert.

However there’s still hope for those who will miss Judy Boucher tonight because she will be live at the International Conference Centre Seychelles (ICCS) on Friday night and tickets are already on sale at Kot Do for R500.

It was thanks to the Golden Sponsor Qatar Airways who made such trip possible.

Fans of the renowned Judy Boucher will expect her tonight to sing some of her greatest hits like ‘Can’t be with you tonight’, ‘Tears on my pillow’, ‘Devoted to you’ among others’.

Judy Boucher (born in St Vincent in the Caribbean) is a singer who moved to High Wycombe, England in the 1970s.

After joining her brother's band, Judy Jack and the Beanstalk, she became a solo artist and had a Number one hit in the reggae charts with the song, ‘Dreaming of A Little Island’, in 1985. Her debut album, ‘Can't be with you tonight’ followed in 1987, and the title single from it reached number two in the UK Singles Chart in April 1987.

 A second song from the album, ‘You Caught My Eye’, was also a top 20 hit. ‘Can't be with you tonight’ was voted second in the 25 most influential Vincentian songs, as part of their Silver Jubilee Independence Anniversary.

Seychelles NATION got the opportunity to interview Judy Boucher up close and in person ahead of the much anticipated show tonight. The following are excerpts from the interview.


Q: It’s your first visit to the Seychelles, how is the Seychellois treating you so far?

A: I have a big fan base in Seychelles and everyone welcomed me with such beautiful smile. I was well treated by Qatar Airways from the day I boarded the plan since my arrival in Seychelles.


Q: Tonight you are going to be live in concert, what special ingredients are you bringing to make it memorable?

A: That’s an excellent question, well I am bringing myself and my most loved songs around the world.


Q: How did you hear about Seychelles, and how can you compare it to your country?

A: I first heard about Seychelles when I received some correspondence from the promoter who invited me to perform in Seychelles for Valentine’s Day. You live in such beautiful country which is quite similar to St Vincent in the Caribbean, very green and with lovely beaches.


Q: Do you think our local artists can rub shoulders with international ones?

A: I think local artists have a very high standard, the market can be very difficult in such a vast industry. An artist needs to be out there selling their product to be able to cross over internationally.


Q: For tonight, how many songs are you planning to sing, and what is your greatest hit?

A: My performance tonight will be at least for one hour. I will perform my most loved songs such as ‘Can’t be with you’, ‘Tears on my pillow’ among others.


Q: Judging by the impression you have of Seychelles, are you likely to come back on vacation?

A: Of course, I will absolutely love to come back to such marvellous island for vacation.


Q: You have such a beautiful voice, but who inspired you to become the singer you are today?

A: It just happened, I was not looking for it, it all started with my brother, and one day I started singing and he was amazed by my voice. After that we formed a small group and performed in churches to see how far we could get.


Q: Can we expect an album with all your greatest hit songs soon?

A: I already have ten albums; I don’t feel the need going back to the studio. All my music is already online on Amazon and ITunes. I would like to thank the people of Seychelles for welcoming me. Every year I go to different destinations just for my music and spread some love.






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