Vice-President Vincent Meriton at World Government Summit 2018


More cooperation to boost happiness and wellbeing


Enhanced cooperation with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will help Seychelles in its endeavour to continue to make its citizens healthier, happier and more prosperous, Vice-President Meriton has said.

Vice-President Meriton made the remarks in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where he is leading a high level Seychelles delegation to the sixth World Government Summit.

He made the statement after holding bilateral talks in the margin of the Summit with ministers and other officials of the UAE government to talk about existing cooperation and explore new areas of possible collaboration.

During the talks, notably with the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Minister for Climate Change and Environment and Minister of State for Happiness, Vice-President Meriton re-iterated the appreciation of the government of Seychelles for the good relation that binds Seychelles and the UAE.

He expressed the need though for a more structured framework for cooperation in the form of a joint cooperation commission.

Talks with the Minister for Climate Change and Environment focused on the Blue economy and renewable energy projects. To note that President Danny Faure recently took part in the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week where again several projects were discussed and are in the pipeline for implementation.

The meeting concluded on the mutual agreement to extend cooperation in other areas within the environment sector.

With the Minister of State for Happiness Vice-President Meriton explored the possibility of having exchange programmes with the UAE.  

The Seychelles side extended an invitation to the minister and other officials to visit Seychelles to share the UAE’s experience in happiness which is a new sector of societal development.

During the discussion, the importance of key performance indicator was emphasised as a critical factor in good governance to ensure among other things the attainment of happiness.

The vice-president then met the director responsible for sports where they explored avenues for technical assistance.

He highlighted possible assistance for the hosting of the FINA open water competition in Seychelles given that the UAE has the experience in organising such big events.

The talks ended on a good note with the possibility of a memorandum of understanding being signed between Seychelles and UAE's sports authorities in due course.

The World Government Summit (WGS) 2018, held from February 11 to 13, unfolded under the theme ‘Shaping future governments’ with renowned international personalities delivering powerful addresses to the 4,000 participants assembled in the Arena Hall of the Medina Jumeirah Conference Centre in Dubai.

World leaders and delegates were left in awe over the kaleidoscope of presentations from international personalities on global governance and the future of digital science and its impact on ordinary citizens.

The Summit focused on unifying efforts to create a better future and a safe world that is blessed with peace, prosperity and sustainability.

The highlight was that government around the world must find more solid middle ground to boost their economies and bring up the least of its citizens to a better quality of life. Not to leave anyone behind.

Seychelles being considered a high middle income country could connect with the technological advancement of other countries notably the host country.

Vice-President Meriton and his delegation had the privilege to visit the ‘Museum of the Future’ and meet with budding scientists who were eager to explain their research work, their creation through artificial intelligence all aimed at improving lives.

The vice-presidential delegation included the secretary of state (SS) for poverty alleviation, Dick Esparon and the principal secretary for social affairs, Linda Willian-Melanie.






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