PMC Auto opens new Hyundai showroom at Providence


The official distributor for Hyundai vehicles in Seychelles ‒ PMC Auto Ltd – has officially opened its new showroom at Providence.

The official opening of the facility took place last Friday with a formal ribbon cutting ceremony by the Hyundai head of Africa and Middle East, Mike Song.

He was accompanied by Roy Lee, who looks after Seychelles directly.

In his opening address, Paul Hodoul, a director of the PMC Auto Group, said that the opening of the new showroom and offices was a much awaited event and adds some class to the overall appearance of the fast developing Providence Zone 18 Industrial Estate.
Mr Hodoul welcomed the hard working staff of PMC, and also their partners and service providers who were involved in the development and construction of the building.

“Some folks were enquiring if we were concerned that the preparations took too long before this eventual opening of the building. We like to think that there is a basic difference in quality between takeaway fast food, and slowly prepared fine cuisine; likewise we wanted to wait till we were happy with the eventual outcome before moving into this premise,” Mr Hodoul said.
He explained that the building is what is called a “3 S” facility in the auto trade as it combines vehicle sales, spare parts, and service in one location.

“This provides the maximum convenience for customers, as they do not have to visit many sites to complete their auto business with Hyundai. A proper one-stop shop,” Mr Hodoul said.

The new building is truly environment friendly and has a solar 30kW PV system on the roof that generates electricity for all its use. There is also a large underground storage tank that harvests rainwater captured from the roofing and the lighting systems at every level are all energy saving LED lights.

The higher investments these measures entailed will be beneficial in the long run in lower operating costs, while at the same time being good for the environment.
Over the last months the new showroom and offices building has been updated and finished to the required Hyundai standards, and to maximise customer convenience.

The commissioning of the building also saw the unveiling and launch of the newest exciting model from Hyundai to hit our shores – the small SUV called …. KONA.

On his part Mr Song expressed his pleasure to note that Hyundai continues to be the most loved brand in Seychelles since five years ago.

“This is truly a remarkable achievement, and reflects customer recognition of the good value to be found in Hyundai vehicles as we realise the special requirements of this small but vibrant market and will provide our partner PMC Auto with all the necessary support required in the next half of the year,” Mr Song said.

He added that the KONA 100% Electric car will also be launched and we think that it is perfectly suited to the Seychelles as electric cars are the way of the future, and Seychelles is the perfect country to forge ahead with renewable energy solutions.

The commissioning of the building was attended by senior officials from the government, all those who were involved in the building project – the banks, architect, engineers, and associated service providers, and all the staff of the PMC Auto Group of companies









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