Basketball - 14 days to react to changes to constitution and bye-laws


Team managers and officials have 14 days to react and comment on the newly-proposed amendments made to the constitution and bye-laws of the Seychelles Basketball Federation.

The decision was taken on Saturday during a scheduled meeting to discuss the new changes with representatives of the registered teams.

Only two teams were represented at the meeting, which made it impossible to go through the documents and vote on their final contents.

As a majority vote was required for the proposals to be approved, the membership meeting was organised to give all involved parties the opportunity to go through the documents and discuss the changes, while bringing their contributions.

Although there must be a quorum to conduct any official business, this was not the case on Saturday, the local basketball governing body decided to go ahead with the proposed amendments.

Seychelles Basketball Federation (SBF) chairman Terry Celeste explained that their only option now is to distribute the documents to the registered teams who should comment and send any valid contributions within a 14-day period.

The bye-laws and constitution contain the SBF’s policies and procedures to ensure the efficient running of its programmes and the game of basketball as a whole.

One of the most discussed issues amended in the bye-laws is the number of foreign players allowed per team.

The overall foreign players quota is now three per club, while only two foreign players should be allowed on the playing court at any time during the match. This includes foreigners working in the country who have decided to join a club.

Appeal against sanctions should now be forwarded to the SBF executive management committee within 72 hours of receipt of the sanction letter.

The applicant should provide reasons for the appeal in writing accompanied by reports to support the appeal.

A non-refundable appeal fee of R500 shall be payable upon submission of the appeal. Videos and photos can now be used in appeal cases.

Mr Celeste said the amendments will surely help the executive management committee in its day-to-day running of the sport and will also help to raise the standard and bring more discipline among players and spectators.

Speaking about the constraints, Mr Celeste pointed out that officiating is still the SBF’s major concern.

He noted that they lack officials and as part of their preparations for the new season, they will be hosting officiating courses to boost their line-up.

He also thanked his executive management committee for their continuous support and urged them to keep up the good work during the upcoming season.

Other than chairman Celeste, the SBF executive management committee is made up of Adrian Pillay (secretary general), Benny Gertrude (treasurer), Simone Malbrook, Marc Figaro, Tony Juliette (members), Alain Uzice (NBTC representative) and Eric Savy (technical advisor).

The post of coaches’ commission representative is now vacant following the resignation of Lennon Shurmun.


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