Cabo Verde, Seychelles Port Authority to share experiences


The possibility of an agreement between the Cabo Verde and the Seychelles Port Authority to allow them to share experiences, best practices and to learn from each other will be explored further.

This comes following preliminary talks yesterday morning between the visiting Tourism and Transport Minister of Cabo Verde, Jose Da Silva Gonçalves and his five-member delegation with the Seychelles Port Authority (SPA) management. The meeting took place at the SPA headquarters.

Minister Da Silva Gonçalves is in the country on a three-day technical visit to learn from our country’s experience in sustainable tourism management as well as explore other areas for cooperation.

Due to time constraints, Minister Da Silva Gonçalves and his delegation did not get the chance to visit the port facilities as they had other commitments but they were able to learn of its activities through a power point presentation delivered by the deputy chief executive of SPA, Egbert Moustache, who along with other senior members had earlier welcomed the delegation on their premises.

During the presentation, Mr Moustache shared information on the services and facilities offered in Port Victoria and also on the different cruises and trade routes. He also highlighted Port Victoria as being one of the largest tuna transshipment ports in the world, transacting approximately 80% of the catch of the purse seiners in the Indian Ocean region.

Mr Moustache also gave an overview of the extension and rehabilitation of Mahe Quay, a project to start next year. It is aimed at sustaining the Seychelles blue economy and economic growth. Development of the Praslin and La Digue jetties is also planned.

After the presentation, the two delegations interacted with each other before posing for a souvenir photo. Minister Da Silva Gonçalves also signed the visitors’ book.

He said even though the two main ports in his country are on a larger scale, they share almost the same similarities as Port Victoria. He added that if an agreement is established, this would allow the two countries to increase their collaboration and learn more from each other.

“I see how things are very well organised and well managed here and I think there are many ideas we can share,” said Minister Da Silva Gonçalves, noting that the Cabo Verde port authority will definitely come to Seychelles to exchange ideas with the SPA.

Minister Da Silva Gonçalves said he hopes to see an SPA delegation come to Cabo Verde for more discussions and looks forward to Seychelles’ presence at the Cabo Verde Ocean Week in mid-November of which he has extended an invitation to Vice-President Vincent Meriton. 

“We are here to study your well-managed sustainable tourism programme and we have also heard about your blue economy where you have done an excellent job in organising and these are areas we are deeply interested in and we would like to follow in your footsteps in a similar way,” he added.

Mr Moustache said with Port Victoria to be rehabilitated next year, the sharing of experience with Cabo Verde will be of great benefit in raising the level of services in Port Victoria.

Yesterday, Minister Da Silva Gonçalves and his delegation also held talks with Vice-President Meriton and the management of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA).





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