Darts: Mohan league doubles - Team Esparon and Berlouis remain on top




In yet another league double affair played on Saturday afternoon at the Bel Air community centre, top-ranked team Bernard Berlouis and Nichol Esparon were able to secure their fourth and fifth wins respectively.

The match started with 501 points on the board and the teams broke down the score little by little. In their first match, team Esparon and Berlouis faced off against team Terrance Hallock and Paul Vidot and they wasted no time getting the win in the best-of-five affair. Berlouis and Esparon had a comfortable win, ending the match in three sets (3-0).

Their second win came after an encounter with team Travis Volcère and Monia Delpech. Even after winning a set, team Volcère and Delpech couldn’t push through as Berlouis and Esparon won 3-1.

They later went on to take part in the third match against team Marc Pouponneau and Collin Esparon and it proved to be a much harder contest. Team Berlouis and Esparon were not able to add another win to their tally as the match ended 2-2, making it their second draw of the season, but they then went on to gain their third draw in their contest against team Ranga Chetty and Jack Micock which also ended 2-2.

Team Pouponneau and Esparon met team Paul Vidot and Terrance Hallock in their second game of the day and the match ended 2-2. This was not the case in their match against team Volcère and Delpech against whom they strolled through with a 3-0 win.

Then team Chetty and Micock were able to pound team Volcère and Delpech 3-0 and the latter did not improve as they again lost, this time to team Hallock and Vidot, on a 1-3 score for their fourth loss of the day.

With this, team Delpech and Volcère remain at the bottom of the table with no point, while team Berlouis and Esparon are first with 13 points.

In second position are team Pouponneau and Esparon with 12 points, the same total as team Micock and Chetty who are third. Team Vidot and Hallock are fourth with 5 points.


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