ANB communiqué - Two men in police custody in connection to importation of suspected drugs ecstasy and crystal mate


Two men involved in the importation of approximately 545 grams of what is suspected to be controlled drug ecstasy and approximately 5 grams of suspected crystal mate will be kept in police custody until August 17, 2018 if they are unable to pay a cash bail of R100,000 each and  two sureties of R25,000 each.

The Magistrate Court made the order on Monday according to the Anti-Narcotics Bureau (ANB) which forms part of the police department.

After such time that the two men, who were present before the court on Monday, still have not paid the cash bail, they will reappear before the court on the said deadline date for further order by the court.

The two men, a 36-year-old clearing agent from St Louis and a 42-year-old unemployed from Anse Royale, were both arrested by ANB officers on Friday August 3, 2018 for the offences of importation of a controlled drug and trafficking in a controlled drug.

The controlled drugs of which they are connected with were brought in Seychelles through postal air cargo and were seized by ANB officers on the same day the men were arrested.

Meanwhile, their case remains under further investigation.




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