Electoral commission member Norlis Rose-Hoareau sworn in





Norlis Rose-Hoareau has sworn in before President Danny Faure as member of the newly appointed electoral commission.

He took the oath of allegiance and official oath in a short ceremony held yesterday morning at State House.

Mr Rose-Hoareau joins other members of the electoral commission – Luciana Lagrenade (chairperson), Jenny Adrienne, Patrick Joseph Hoareau, Henry Bastienne and Wendy Didon – who were sworn in last week for a seven-year mandate. The other member, Veronique Bonnelame-Alcindor, was not present at last week’s swearing-in as she along with Mr Rose-Hoareau was out of the country. Mrs Bonnelame-Alcindor is already a member of the EC as she was sworn in last year in the former EC and her mandate continues with the new EC.

Mrs Lagrenade, being the first woman to lead the EC, and Mrs Bonnelame-Alcindor were appointed EC commissioners in July last year in accordance with the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of the Republic, which came into force on April 18, 2017, and which provides for an enlargement of the Electoral Commission from five to seven members. 

Both Mrs Lagrenade and Mrs Bonnelame-Alcindor, along with the chairman of the Constitutional Appointments Authority (CAA), Michel Felix were present to witness yesterday’s event.

As prescribed in the Constitution of Seychelles, members of the new EC were nominated by the CAA and appointed by President Faure, in consultation with the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, Wavel Ramkalawan. They were appointed on July 28, a day after the seven-year mandate of the outgoing commission expired. Bernard Elizabeth, Gerard Lafortune, Marie-Therese Purvis and Beatty Hoareau sat on the previous EC along with chairman Hendrick Gappy who resigned on January 26, 2018 pursuant to Article 115C (2) of the Constitution.

The new commission held its first meeting on Monday.  





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