Eve Island Industrial Development


Proposed subdivision of industrial land discussed


The proposed subdivision of the industrial land on Eve Island and allocation was discussed during the Industrial Estates Authority’s second quarter update with the Praslin Business Association, district administrators and district councilors.

The meeting took place yesterday at the Grand Anse community centre.

Wavel Woodcock and Churchill Gill, members of the National Assembly for Grand Anse and Baie Ste Anne respectively, met with the Industrial Estates Authority (IEA) on Monday August 6, 2018 for a brief on the same as they were expected to be in the Assembly the day of the meeting.

The points covered in the meeting included an update on the proposed subdivision of the industrial land and allocation.

The IEA informed those present that the desktop proposal presented in the last meeting has been approved and implemented, resulting in a total of 50 parcels that have been subdivided, three of which are earmarked for utilities. Road reserve and service corridor has also been surveyed.

What remains to be done prior to any allocation is the infrastructure and utilities services design. Once this has been finalised and approved for implementation, work will begin by phases to install the basic infrastructure required for commencement of industrial development.

Allocation of land will only be done once basic infrastructure is in place.

Meanwhile, the IEA is working closely with the department responsible for industry to draw up a point system for fair and transparent allocation of land. This process is ongoing and it is envisaged that it should be ready for application together with the completion of the basic infrastructure.

There will be no allocation of land prior to the infrastructure development for the simple reason that without road access, electricity, water  connectivity, business development will be hampered and costly for the developers. 

This subdivision project has not included the stockpiling plot which was being used by Vijay Construction for the dredging project as there is scope for more dredging and a plot of land will be required for stockpiling purposes.

The IEA has pointed out that the said plot was never allocated to Vijay Construction but was being used for stock piling of coral fill. The area being used by Vijay Construction is the product of an exchange from Parcel PR6048 to an area closer to the stockpiling for management purposes. The area being used is being surveyed to ensure size is comparable to Vijay’s previously allocated plot.





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