Sea Horse incident - Search for missing crew abandoned


Searches along the coastline of Coetivy have now stopped for the four missing crew members two weeks after the fire on board the Sea Horse vessel, the Islands Development Company (IDC) has announced.

The IDC says in a communiqué issued yesterday that it has provided the technical certification of the vessel to the department of Foreign Affairs which is looking at the possibility of seeking foreign assistance to help locate and retrieve the vessel if at all possible.

Counselling of members of the family and the person who survived the incident is ongoing and IDC is in regular contact with the families ensuring that their requirements are looked after. “There is little else that IDC can do at this point in time until the police and Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration report is made available,” the IDC communiqué says.

The four men went missing after the Sea Horse caught fire in the early hours of August 26. A fifth man was rescued in the sea shortly after the blaze started on board the Sea Horse, which was anchored 200 metres off Coëtivy Island.

The Sea Horse - a cargo vessel of the IDC - was carrying provisions including fuel for the Prison Services on the island. Since 2013, the prison has been running a rehabilitation programme for drug convicts on Coëtivy.








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