New forum to advise on Seychelles’ foreign policy


In line with President Danny Faure’s policy of good governance, transparency and accountability, the department of foreign affairs, in its own effort to practice public diplomacy, is setting up a forum to advise the department on the way forward in achieving results in Seychelles’ foreign policy.

The Seychelles foreign affairs forum’s mandate, incorporating both state and none-state actors, is an advisory body of the department of foreign affairs that seeks to promote understanding and awareness of Seychelles’ foreign policy positions, as well as an avenue to validate the definition and execution of the country’s foreign policy.

Yesterday afternoon, the forum made up of volunteers from the private sector, the civil society, the media commission and people who have worked in the foreign affairs department before such as former ambassadors, met for a first meeting with the minister responsible for the foreign affairs department, Vice-President Vincent Meriton, at State House.

Addressing the forum, Vice-President Meriton firstly thanked them for accepting the invitation to be part of the important forum and said he was convinced that with their expertise, experience and active involvement, much good will be achieved for the country.

He noted that we have witnessed over the years, major changes in the global sphere and Seychelles, like every other countries, is focused on moving with the tide and adapting to the ever-evolving global dynamics.

“Today, we are present here to engage in a unique platform geared towards the solidifying of our foreign policy, which is a critical instrument  in our country’s international engagements and participation,” he said.

“The Seychelles foreign affairs forum will provide a unique opportunity for frank and open dialogue on the present day foreign policy of Seychelles. Your individual expertise will culminate into critical contributions that will further enrich our national and global participation,” Vice-President Meriton added.

He went further to state that the department of foreign affairs has gone through a restructuring, where every ounce of resources are being diverted towards the enhancement of its personnel across sections, both in Seychelles and in our diplomatic missions.

He said the effort to elevate the status and standards in the foreign affairs department are included in the formulation of their strategic plan 2020.

“Through this plan, we not only address challenges of modern era, but we also highlight the necessity to communicate and engage with the public, through the setting up of the public diplomacy unit. With an avant-garde public diplomacy strategy, this unit has been tasked to not only keep our country abreast of global occurrences but to also serve as the pillar of timely accurate information exchange with the public,” Vice-President Meriton said, noting he will graciously welcome inputs from the forum.

“Ladies and gentlemen, despite the perception that our foreign affairs department’s reputation is a faded reflection of its celebrated past, we are going through a storm, we are optimistic that through such storms, we can re-strategise and certainly emerge victorious in our determination to further advance our ambitions,” VP Meriton said.

He added that the foreign affairs department will continue to vie to be synonymous with an organisation that emanates the highest level of professionalism, respect, effectiveness and being proactive.

Secretary of state for foreign affairs, Ambassador Barry Faure, said the people on the forum will be free to express their views in total confidentiality within the structure of the foreign affairs.

“The forum comes from a diverse cross-section of the society and that was the intention, for us to be able to engage with various stakeholders in a serious, organised and structured manner,” Ambassador Faure said.

Led by Ambassador Faure, the Seychelles foreign affairs forum, yesterday discussed the terms of reference such as the quorum, the frequency of meetings, the mandate, membership, office bearers, accountability etc… details of which will be revealed later.

The department of foreign affairs also took the opportunity to introduce its new principal counsellor, Myrna Hoareau, as the head of the newly formed public diplomacy unit. Miss Hoareau will be in charge of all press communications for the local and overseas missions. Having worked in different government departments, she has previously worked for the foreign affairs department.





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