Anse Royale Hospital starts admitting patients


Adult male and female patients in the southern and western regions of Mahé  suffering from certain conditions that do not require specialised interventions will now be admitted at the Anse Royale Hospital for treatment.

The Minister for Health Jean-Paul Adam, the chief executive, deputy chief executive and members of the Health Care Agency Board, as well as other health care professionals and the MNA for the Anse Royale district Sylvanne Lemiel on Monday afternoon visited the admission wards and their support facilities to mark the moment the hospital officially opened its doors to receive patients.

All together the wards, situated on the 1st floor of the hospital, will be able to receive 20 patients – 10 males and 10 females. Each ward has five rooms with two beds each and all their necessary support facilities like treatment rooms and bathrooms. Equipment in a laboratory that will carry out all the basic tests like blood, urine, stool and other haematology and biochemistry tests is still being set up.

Prosper Kinabo, the head of clinical laboratory services at the Seychelles Hospital, said everything will be in place for the start of operation possibly next week but by the first week of October the laboratory will be fully operational.

“A technician from the Seychelles Hospital will work at the laboratory on a monthly rotation basis,” Mr Kinabo stated.

The wards will be managed by senior nursing officer Cecile Charlette.

Minister Adam said opening the inpatient wing is an important milestone for the Anse Royale Hospital which was first opened in June 2013.

He noted that with the ebola epidemic confirmed to be under control, this has allowed the ministry to push through with its plan to open the admission wing but stressed that the ebola reaction plan is still in place and can be reactivated anytime if the need arises.

“But we are confident enough to move forward with the original plan to admit patients as was originally agreed,” Minister Adam stated.

He went on to add that the opening also marks another important step in the continuation of the health development plan which makes Anse Royale the health centre for the southern region thus reducing pressure on the Seychelles Hospital and bringing health care services closer to people in the community in the southern region.

Minister Adam noted that work will continue to be able to open the paediatric admission wing in the near future.

He expressed heartfelt gratitude to the management team of the Anse Royale Hospital for their devotion and the team at the headquarters for their support.

The district’s MNA, on behalf of the inhabitants of the district, thanked the Ministry of Health and the management team of the Anse Royale Hospital noting that the opening was long awaited and long overdue.

She called on users of the facilities to take good care of them so they will last for many years to come noting that the hospital is a wonderful gift to the people of the region.

The nurse manager in charge of the Anse Royale Hospital, Ginette Freminot, led Minister Adam and his delegation on a tour of the admission wards and their facilities.

Ms Freminot said the hospital has received eight more nurses and two physicians to work with the wards. Food will be brought over pre-packed as per request.

“For the time being I am happy and satisfied with what we have achieved and that everything is in working order and I would like to thank my team for their hard work and devotion in preparation for the opening,” said Ms Freminot.




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