Cricket: Seychelles – India Day Tournament - Airtel sponsors friendship tournament


Telecommunication company Airtel is now part of the cricket tournament organised by the Seychelles - India Day organising committee as part of the activities to celebrate friendship between the two countries.

Airtel became the main sponsor for the event which will take place on place on 16 September at the ex-Seychelles College field at Mont Fleuri, after Managing Director Amadou Dina and Secretary of the Indian Association of Seychelles Siva Pillay signed a three year agreement for the annual event.

The signing took place yesterday at the Airtel Headquarters at Providence, where the company pledged a R200, 000 towards Sunday’s tournament.

Sunday’s event is considered as a huge step forward in Seychelles’ cricket and Mr Dina said he is completely in favour of this advancement.

“Airtel had always been committed in helping sports, this includes football, volleyball, basketball among others and we feel that cricket can also use our support”, said Mr Dina.

He added that being the first and biggest tournament in Seychelles, the event is the best way to commemorate Seychelles- India Day.

“This will be a game changer and it will make this year’s Seychelles-India Day celebrations more joyful”, further added Mr Dina.

Commenting on the Seychelles-India Day celebrations, Mr Siva said it is a moment of great importance, especially with the support of Airtel. 

 “For this year’s celebration, were are giving more importance to sports activities, so this will be the first time we are taking cricket in hand and we know Airtel’s partnership will help this tournament become a success”, added Mr Pillay.

Members of Airtel and the Indian Association of Seychelles are urging the public to get involved and continue to support the Seychelles- India Day activities.

The tournament is considered as one of the biggest cricket tournament in Seychelles with a total of 32 teams registered.

The next activities on the Seychelles- India day sporting calendar while be a series of marathonon 22 September Stad Popiler , where there will be three categories, including 1km, 5km and 10km races and a badminton tournament which will take place between September 24-29 at the La Promenade Gymnasium.







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