Basketball - Top six play-offs to decide season’s champs


The new basketball season is set to begin next Monday and instead of the traditional top-of-the-league finishers, this season’s winners will be decided through a play-off series involving the top six, the sport’s local governing body has confirmed.

Heeding the advice of the International Basketball Federation (Fiba), the Seychelles Basketball Federation (SBF) will host a two-round league for the men’s divisions one and two, with the top six finishers qualifying for the play-offs which will decide the winners.

As for the women’s competition, the winners will still be decided based on the top finishers in the league on account of the small number of registered teams.

Talking about the significant changes to the way the league’s competitive structure is organised, SBF president Terry Celeste said the changes will modernise our basketball structure, while making it more interesting.

Match venues remain among the main constraints the SBF will expect to face during the season, Mr Celeste also noted.

He said there has been some progress in discussion regarding the renovation of the Victoria Gymnasium, while the federation is still discussing with other sports bodies for better sharing of the Palais des Sports.

He also explained that due to the venue issue, the SBF’s revenue in terms of tickets sold at the door has gone down and this has stopped them from making certain purchases for the new season.

Officiating is another issue which Mr Celeste said is likely to negatively affect the new season. He explained that a lack of training programme from previous management has caused the SBF to be short of qualified officials.

This, he said, is a problem which they are tackling right now and hopefully shall not be an issue in the future.

To deal with the situation, Mr Celeste said they are training new batches of officials to ensure that they have enough throughout the season.

The training, he said, will be a continuous process, setting a long-term target.

Another change for the new season will be regarding transfers.

Mr Celeste said no transfers will be allowed during the season. He also advised all players and management teams to have official documents for any kind of contracts between them and to also provide a copy to the SBF, in case of any needed intervention later on.

The SBF president said they can only intervene in situations between players and teams where official documents have been handed to them; otherwise they will not entertain any dispute.

Commenting on how the new basketball schedule will affect the SBF’s nominees for the Sports Award of the Year, Mr Celeste said for this year, they will choose best players from competitions organised so far, while as from next year, the candidates selected will be based purely on statistics.

He explained that to ease the process, the SBF will be seeking financial support to buy new computers, while trained local statisticians will go through refresher courses.


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