Cycling: Tour de Maurice 2018 – second stage


Ahmad Arrisol 26th overall


Local cyclist Ahmad Arrisol was ranked 26th after Wednesday’s second stage of the ongoing 37th Tour de Maurice.

Seychelles’ best ranked rider at the Tour, Arrisol, who is representing the Vélo Club de l’Ouest, has accumulated a total time of 5 hours, 52 minutes 14 seconds (5h52:14).

Darius Oreddy representing the Seychelles national selection was 44th overall after the second stage in 6h04:33.

Oreddy was also ranked 15th in the youth category.

Also representing the Seychelles national selection, Christopher Gerry is 64th with 6h24:44, while Vélo Club de l’Ouest’s Stephane Belle was 65th with 6h24:56.

Mauritian Grégory Lagane was the leader after the second stage with a cumulative time of 5h44:12, ahead of South African Jayde Julius of Pro Touch (5h44:15).

Seychelles is being represented at the 37th tour by two selections, namely the Seychelles national selection comprising Lario Harrison, Jude Hoareau, Edward Pothin, Christopher Gerry and Darius Oreddy and the Vélo Club de l’Ouest made up of Yohann Monthy, Ahmad Arrisol, Julian Pool, Mario Ernesta and Stephan Belle.

After stage two, the Seychelles national selection were 17th overall with 19h19:01, while Vélo Club de l’Ouest were 18th with 19h45:25.


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