National Assembly - Islands Committee discuss alarming increase of FADs


The Islands Committee of the National Assembly met in an extraordinary session on Tuesday this week to discuss the alarming increase in reports of Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) floating freely in the ocean and washing up on the reefs of outlying islands.

Twelve such devices washed up on the reefs of Farquhar in August alone. Not only do FADs damage reefs when the nets holding them together get entangled in corals, but their removal takes up considerable resources, both financially and human.

In order to inform itself properly before making concrete recommendations in its report, the Committee will be meeting stakeholders, including the Seychelles Fishing Authority, Ministry of Environment, ACP-EU representatives and owners and agents of fishing vessels that deploy FADs.

The Committee took note of the fact that FADs are devices aimed specifically at ensuring those that deploy them maximise both their catches and their income.

The Committee will examine ways of ensuring that those who deploy FADs are made responsible for the cost of their collection and removal.

After meeting stakeholders, the Committee will make concrete proposals to government aimed at tackling the issue of FADs and their control.







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