‘Condomize’ campaign to promote safe sex in post-secondary schools


Culminating a month-long promotion centred on raising awareness on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and sexually transmitted infections like HIV, the ‘Condomize’ campaign will be stationed at the Uni Café of the University of Seychelles at Anse Royale on Friday September 21, 2018.

The aim of the campaign is to promote safe sexual behaviour among post-secondary students.

The Health Promotion Unit of the Ministry of Health, HIV/Aids Prevention and Control Programme of the Public Health Authority and the HIV/Aids Prevention Task Force (HAPTF), leaders of the campaign, will showcase the theme ‘Sexual Health and Sexual Rights are fundamental for well-being’ with an array of activities targeted towards the youth.

In 2015, the Seychelles global school‐based student health survey conducted among students aged 11 to 17 years of age showcased a high level of sexual activity. 40% of students stated that they had had sexual intercourse.

However, among those who engaged in sexual intercourse, only 50% used a condom during their last sexual interaction. Additionally, a substantial proportion reported sexual abuse.

The organisers will be present in multi-coloured stalls dispersed around the café to talk to the students about reproductive health in all aspects, the practice of safe sex with a focus on consent and the importance of using condoms.

These will be done through exchanges and mini demonstrations/presentations. They will also distribute several promotional materials aimed at reinforcing the messages shared on the day. Included are campaign T-shirts with interactive slogans, USB drives, keyrings and others.

Students will also be encouraged to stop by the photo-booth packed with props and frames to take photos of the day and share on social media and other platforms to further spread the campaign and what they have learned.

The Anse Royale campus has several institutions. The School of Advanced Level Studies, Seychelles Business Studies and Accounting and Seychelles Institute of Art and Design.

Other activities are being organised around the campaign. These include several outreach programmes.

One outreach to promote female condoms will take place on Monday September 17 from 10am to 2pm at Market Street and Orion Mall.





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