IDC, health authorities take further steps to protect country against malaria




The Islands Development Company (IDC) in collaboration with the Public Health Authority (PHA) have decided as a precautionary measure against malaria to spray all IDC aircraft coming from the southernmost islands of Seychelles, namely Farquhar, Astove and Assomption.

Aircraft from these destinations will be cleared as per set procedures by the public health officer.

A joint communiqué from IDC and the PHA states:

“Malaria and several other mosquito-borne diseases are endemic in several regional countries and therefore the risk of introducing anopheles mosquitoes and malaria in Seychelles is real.

“IDC has therefore taken the initiative to spray all its aircraft coming from the islands closest to other African territories as it is not uncommon to have boats from neighbouring countries call to the islands unannounced.

“The public health services, vector control unit will conduct survey on the islands to identify the types of mosquitoes that are present. It is to be noted that there was an outbreak of malaria in Aldabra during the early 1900s.”

The spraying of aircraft, which is an initiative of IDC in consultation with the PHA will start on Monday September 17, 2018 when flights to the southern islands resume in preparation for the fly fishing season.

All costs will be borne by IDC.






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