13 more Seychellois sea cadets graduate after training in Sri Lanka





The 13 young Seychellois sea cadets who left Seychelles last July for training in Sri Lanka have received their certificates after completion of a seven-week specially designed pre-sea training programme at the Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College (CINEC).

This  5th course was sponsored by the Seychelles Petroleum Company Limited (Seypec) and offered to the cadets after they had completed their basic ‘Standards of Training and Certification for Watch-keeping’ (STCW) training at the Seychelles Maritime Academy (SMA).

Three of the 13 cadets have recorded outstanding performances and received special awards. Hamza Abdul Rasheed Charlot scooped three specials awards namely, Special Award in Seamanship, Award for Excellence in Navigation and Award for Best All Round Student while Alvin Louisel Louise clinched the Special Award in Engineering Workshop and Dominique Nigel Rose the Award for Excellence in Engineering.

During their studies at CINEC, the cadets followed a preparatory course in navigation and engineering, designed to equip them with overall knowledge of the undertakings on board a vessel.

Upon their return to Seychelles, while awaiting to join their respective vessel, the cadets will follow an ionduction programme at the Seypec House, which will include the Seypec New Port Depot and on board MT. Seychelles Paradise.

The results of the five cohorts of 76 sea cadets of the Pre-Sea training programme so far reflect the vision of Seypec for an all-Seychellois crew to man all the Seypec tankers by 2022.  All members of the five cohorts have shown tremendous determination that validates the investment that the national petroleum company keeps devoting to this project.

Seypec’s chief executive, Conrad Benoiton, said: “The collaboration between Seypec and CINEC signifies the commitment of both parties in nurturing and equipping our young cadets with professional navigation/engineering skills needed for a great career in the maritime industry. Their laudable performances up to now, confirm that they have what it takes to be a great seaman and this, further encourages Seypec to continue investing in future young Seychellois cadets to join this training programme. This is our genuine pledge for the advancement of our young Seychellois as professional and successful mariners.”

Seypec was represented at the ceremony  held at the CINEC campus by Mr Benoiton and crew manager, Allain Asba, CINEC officials, faculty members, parents of the cadets and other guests including Seychelles’ high commissioner to Sri Lanka, Conrad Mederic.

Speaking on behalf of the government of Seychelles, Mr Mederic said: “I congratulate Seypec for its very clear and noble objective in persuading more of our young people to join this profession. Seypec’s strategy of having a fully localised crew for our tankers is a commendable one and we should acclaim you for that.”

The 13 cadets of the 5th cohort returned to Seychelles on Monday September 10, 2018.




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