Project to harness wind power on track


This came to light following meetings held with Unison, the manufacturing company, during the visit of President James Michel in Korea this week.

Unison is the South Korean company that has been awarded the tender for the supply of eight wind turbines for Seychelles’ wind energy project.

The project, an initiative of President Michel, will cost approximately US $28 million from a grant from the government of the United Arab Emirates.

Unison President, Dr Kim Doo-Hoon, reassured the Seychelles delegation that the turbines will be built to the highest international standards and noise levels are expected to meet the requirements specified in the EIA undertaken for the project.

Commenting on the type of technology being used, the Minister for Environment and Energy, Dr Rolph Payet, stated that the Republic of Korea has many decades of experience in the building and development of wind turbines.

Unison has been involved in building wind power projects in the Galapagos islands, Jamaica, Sri Lanka and large wind farms in South Korea.

Unison also gave its commitment to train Seychellois technicians in the maintenance and operations of the wind turbines.

The company, which specialises in the construction of various sizes of wind turbines, including off-shore turbines, has been invited to Seychelles to undertake further discussions on future investments in that area.