World Athletics Day Meet-Young athletes come out in numbers


DIANE NIOZE … winner of two eventsOrganised by the Seychelles Athletics Federation (SAF) to commemorate World Athletics Day, the meet targeted young athletes in the under-16 and under-18 age groups, but some senior athletes competed as invitees to push their juniors to achieving better results.

Up-and-coming athletes Diane Nioze and Stephen Souris earned two wins apiece during the competition.

Diane Nioze, the niece of former Sportsman of the Year and men’s triple jump record holder Paul Nioze, won the 100m in 12.9 seconds and long jump with 4.86m. As for Souris, he dominated the male high jump with 1.75m and long jump with 5.98m.

The top three finishers in each event received medals and T-Shirts sponsored by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

The World Athletics Day was celebrated for the first time in 1996. It is organised on any chosen date in the month of May every year.

Its main purposes are to popularise track and field athletics among the youth, promote athletics as the primary sport in schools and institutions, and encourage and introduce new talent and youngsters in the field of athletics.

The following are the event winners of Saturday’s meet:  Ricardo Suzette (male senior 110m hurdles in 15.0 seconds), Kevin Harryba (male U18 1,000m in 2:46.8), Lissa Aniesse (female U16 1,000m in 3:44.7), Surera Charles (female U18 80m in 11.1 seconds and triple jump with 10.17m), Aaron Volcère (male U18 80m in 9.1 seconds), Diane Nioze (female U18 100m in 12.9 seconds and long jump with 4.86m), Jean-Eve Roseline (male 100m U18 in 11.2 seconds), Hilary Robert (female U14 1,500m in 5:40.7), Samuel Moustache (male U18 1,500m in 4:44.2), Laurence Mousbé (female U14 150m in 20.6 seconds), Golbert Mellon (male U18 150m in 17.4 seconds), Ezra Almaze (female U18 400m in 59.3 seconds), Aaron Tirant (male U18 400m in 52.7 seconds), Top Racers  (female 4x100m relay in 51.6 seconds), Arsu (male 4x100m relay in 46.5 seconds), Natifa Mathiot (female U18 shot put with 8.08m), Dean William (male U18 shot put with 14.23m and discus with 38.39m), Stephen Souris (male U18 high jump with 1.75m and long jump with 5.98m) and Marie-Helen Rose (female U18 discus with 28.50m).

G. G.